Confidentiality policy


1. General

The current policy focused on the processing of personal information is created in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2006. №152-ФЗ "About Personal Data", which defines the algorithm of data processing and measures to ensure data protection. Casino-expert (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator") is governed by these regulations.
1.1 The key objective of the Operator is to respect the rights and freedom of users while examining personal information. This includes the protection of privacy, family or personal life rights.
1.2 The current policy regarding the processing of personal information (hereinafter "Policy") applies to absolutely all data that the Operator is entitled to request from users of

2. The main concepts used in the Policy are

2.1 Automatic processing of personal information - processing with the help of special computer technology;
2.2 Blocking of personal information is a temporary suspension of the process that is responsible for the processing of information. Exceptions are situations where processing is necessary to clarify personal data;
2.3 The website is a collection of graphics-related materials and useful information. Computer programs and databases are also available to you at;
2.4 Personal information system - a set of confidential information, which is available in the database, and providing their detailed analysis at the expense of technical means;
2.5 Impersonation of Personal Information is a specific action that makes it impossible to identify, without unauthorized information, which User or other person owns confidential information;
2.6 Processing of personal information - different actions or several actions that are performed with (or without) means of automation and concern confidential information: transfer, blocking, destruction, illegal use, making untruthful adjustments;
2.7 Operator - A federal agency, entrepreneur, or group of entrepreneurs who process personal information themselves or in cooperation with other entities. The Operator also independently determines the purpose of checking and processing the information, the list of documents to be checked and the actions aimed at the personal information;
2.8 Personal information - any data that concerns a specific User of the Internet resource;
2.9.User - anyone who opens;
2.10. Disclosure of confidential information is the provision of data to a specific subject or certain persons;
2.11. Dissemination of personal information - any action which would entail disclosure of confidential information to unknown persons (transfer of personal information). It is also strictly forbidden to share personal information for easy reference, to disclose personal information in the media, to provide access to an account;
2.12. Disclosure of information to representatives of other countries - providing confidential information to a foreign country, a specific person or an entrepreneur;
2.13. Deletion of personal information - certain steps that will inevitably lead to the deletion of personal information, without the possibility of recovery in the system, or actions that will lead to the destruction of physical media of confidential information.

3. What user information does the Operator have access to

3.1 Email;
3.2 The site automatically collects and processes impersonal data about all customers (concerns and "cookies") through various platforms providing detailed statistics - Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, etc.
3.3. All of the above information found in the text of the Privacy Policy will be referred to as Personal Data.
4. Why do we need to process personal data?
4.1 The need to process confidential client information - allows you to inform Users by sending letters, provide access to various services, data, which are contained in the resource.
4.2 The Operator has the authority to send letters to all Users informing them about new games, bonus offers and contests. Do not forget that at any time you can unsubscribe from advertising messages. Just write to the Operator at [email protected]. Don't forget to mark it "Unsubscribe and new products, services, exclusive bonuses.
4.3 Cookies, which are studied by the site using special services, are needed to collect information about what the User does when he or she uses the resource. This data also helps to improve the functionality, navigation and content offered.
5. Legal grounds on which personal information is processed
5.1 The operator only processes the User's confidential information when the resource visitor himself fills out/sends personal data using the various forms available on the platform If you fill out any form or submit sensitive information, you should understand that you automatically agree to this Policy. 5.2. The Operator processes the cookies of site visitors only when the User's personal browser settings allow it (cookie storage option is activated and JavaScript is available for use).
6. How personal information is collected, stored, transferred, and other types of processing
6.1 The Operator monitors and prevents various actions aimed at making personal information about Users available to third parties.
6.2 Personal information of clients of the resource - personal data, which will never be transferred to third parties. The only exception - the current legislation, which requires the disclosure of information to investigate, solve the problem.
6.3 If you realize that you made a mistake while filling out the form, you can always make corrections. To do this, just send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Updating your personal information".
6.4 The operator has the right to process personal information for an unlimited amount of time. On the other hand, every User has the right to refuse the examination of confidential information. To do this, it is also necessary to send a letter to email [email protected], but with a different note - "Refuse to process personal data".
7. Under what circumstances is information transferred to subjects from other countries
7.1 Before transmitting personal information, the Operator will first check whether the foreign country to whose land the data will be sent is capable of providing all necessary measures to protect the rights of individuals and confidential information.
7.2 To send customer information to another country, the Operator must receive a written confirmation from the User, who does not mind sharing confidential information.
8. Final Provisions
8.1. All site visitors have the right to consult and ask any questions about personal information. To do so, just use the email address [email protected]
8.2 This document is subject to changes, adjustments, which will be made from time to time. The current Policy is valid indefinitely, but only until a new version becomes available.
8.3 The Active Policy can be studied by anyone who does not want to violate the rules and be blocked. The document is freely available on the Internet.